Sunday, March 29, 2015

pajama weekend

                           having plans
                           sounds like 
                           a good idea
                           until you
                           have to
                           put on
                           and leave
                                - anonymous

this was exactly me/us yesterday!!!
we had so many plans...going for bubble tea,  touring a local garden, checking out moss st. market, meeting up with friends for coffee, mowing the lawn, and on and on
they all sounded fun and do-able and were made with great intention but none of them happened.

instead, i cozied up with my knitting, my audio book (year of wonders, by geraldine brooks), my huge mug of coffee and some occasional chocolates while ian snuggled beside me doing research on the internet (all pleasure, no work).

the kids slept in till almost one and then surfed the almighty netflix before they realized they were starving, by this time it was almost dinner time (whoever said feeding teens was expensive?).

clearly, we are all still recuperating from our recent travel adventures and our molecular selves refuse to get out of pajamas.

even harlow seemed happy to forgo his long walk to the beach and was content with short little jaunts around the block in between long naps on the deck.

the couchy-ness of the day was heavenly!!! 
the blanket that i'm knitting grew and i found myself pressing replay on the c.d. player a few times after realizing i've napped through several chapters in the book.

today, besides omelet for breakfast, nothing is on the agenda.
...well, maybe changing into new pajamas????


joining karen


  1. Sounds heavenly. Hope today was just as lovely.

  2. perfection :) Your weekend sounds like my kind of weekend. I would love to visit and sit and just be.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!