Monday, March 30, 2015

hello monday; 03/30/15

hello monday and another brand new week
i wonder what gifts and surprises you will bring???

i love mondays because 
they offer a chance to hit refresh,
to see with a new perspective,
and approach the things we need to do with renewed vigor.
hello chocolate hunt...i'm off to hunt for some good easter chocolate.  my children loves the stuff and have acquired expensive taste for it.  i don't mind one's a great 'quality over quantity' learning opportunity.

hello grandma... ian's mom arrives this week for a visit.  nova scotia has been buried in metres of snow and she is more than ready for spring blooms.  i hope my garden of weed'en doesn't disappoint?!?
hello open windows and fresh air...just lately, we have been sleeping with the window cracked open.  all that oxygen helps make wonderful dreams.

hello getting back into a rhythm with grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and working out (training to be a domestic goddess sure is hard work but someone's gotta do it!!!)
hello bird of paradise... i was calling these beautiful plants we found in california 'rooster plant' until one of my friends corrected me.  aren't they just stunning?

hello friends... what are you saying hello to this week???


joining lisa


  1. Hello Erica :) wonderful week you have planned :) mari

    1. Hello Mari... I too, hope you have a good week ahead !!!

  2. I so agree Erica, quality or quaintly every time. We have a great chocolate store in town that I adore, but it doesn't come close to the chocolate my sister would send when she lived in Belgium., I miss those days.
    Have a great visit with you mil.

    1. Roger's Chocolates has the market cornered in Victoria...they have the most decadent no-sugar added collection.!!!

  3. Hope Monday has been treating your well Erica. xo

    1. thanks Kim...monday turned out beautiful... hope yours did too

  4. Hello beautiful birds of paradise - aren't they gorgeous!!

    1. yes they are... they were prolific in california... I've never seen them before!!! Do you get them where you are?


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!