Tuesday, March 17, 2015

postcard: healdsburg, californa

hello from healdsburg

the temperature soared to 26 degrees celsius
i'm happy to say that we did not get in the car at all today
and spent the day around the hotel catching up with r&r!!!
the kids worked off the gelato by doing some laps in the heated pool

 while ian did his workout in the hot tub !!
all of the californians we talk to
say that this extremely warm weather is not normal for march (yikes!!!)

while the environmental impact is alarming to think about...
(i.e. they are already on water restriction this early) 
it is really difficult not to enjoy the fine weather.

the temperature is suppose to rise even higher tomorrow
and it looks like we are staying a just little longer.

p.s.hope you all had a great st. paddy's day!!!

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