Wednesday, June 25, 2014

thrifted threads: orange is the new black

nope... i haven't watched the series.
but i've heard tons of mixed reviews and have to say that i'm curious enough to check on piper. 
but that's another story...

when i went through my wardrobe, i hadn't realized how much orange i actually had.
i tend to only wear this shade during pumpkin season ... but not this year !!!

it's been said that orange is a power colour.
while red is associated with fiery heat, 
orange is associated with the benign warmth of the sun. 

 it is said to increase the craving for food and stimulates enthusiasm and creativity.

also, orange is a healing colour.
orange is thought to be the best emotional stimulant and 
can be helpful if you are depressed, bored or lonely.  
apparently, orange helps to bring out the joy we have inside us.

i tend to wear more blues and greens because i have strong chameleon tendencies 
and always take my cue and inspirations from my surroundings. 

i think if i visited india, or tibet or nepal for example, 
i would definitely be wearing more of this vibrant colour.

it's either that or grow more pumpkins !

like i've said on previous thrifted threads posts:  
99.999% of my clothes have been handed down to me or thrifted.  
most have no labels on them so i couldn't tell you their sources.  

however, the orange look-a-like jcrew bubble necklace... 
i purchased from the bay (triple discounted on a boxing day sale).

orange you glad you stopped by to read my thrifted threads blog today???



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