Friday, June 6, 2014

the most beautiful dog park....

we wanted to take a break from our routine dog strolls....
so we headed to macauley point
the most beautiful dog park (at least in my opinion) on the island

this is the fleming beach entrance to macauley point,
there is a small sandy beach and picnic area and a boat launch

 rock faces and cliffs are a prominent feature of the park, 
well used by rock climbers.

macaulay point began as a hudson bay farm, 
then later became part of fort macaulay.
it has been managed as a municipal park since 1985. 

it is located in esquimalt, 
about 15 minutes drive from home.

isn't it spectacular? 
the park measures about 7.6 hectares of native vegetation mixed with grasses.
with endless views of the straight of juan de fuca .

we found some wild lupins overlooking the rocky cliffs. 
a passing cruise ship,
and some wild roses in the paths

there are so many historical points throughout the park.
the trail leads you through the former military rampart and defensive berms

the macauley point battery is a historic gun emplacement in victoria.
 a fort was built here between february 1894 and october 1897 
and refurbished during the second world war.

the battery point has a terrific view of victoria since it is tucked away on the top of a hill.

the lookout point,  the bunkers and hidden tunnel
it is all beautiful and decaying, rusting over as trees and grass gracefully take over. 

at the end of our walk, 
harlow can resist going for a swim

macauley point is definitely a great place to walk !!!
i think harlow agrees....

what about you???

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