Thursday, June 5, 2014


every wednesday is pizza day at the middle school !!!
it's a fundraiser that the school runs in order to make money for the athletics program.

i've been volunteering as pizza day coordinator for several years now.
this is my fourth year at the middle school after doing three years at the elementary.

it's a great way to get involved and give back to the community.
but what i love most about pizza day.. 
is that i get to meet a lot of the children 
at the middle school where my children attend.

by grade six, both my children refused my offers to walk them to and from school.  
slowly, they start becoming more independent 
and want very little parent supervision or presence.

pizza day allows me a peek into their school environment:  
to check out their friends, to see what the latest teen fashion is, 
and if i'm super lucky,
to get a hug from my children, in the middle of the day, when no one is around to see.

we get our pizza from panago.  
they are delivered hot from the oven in these insulated bags.
they come individually packaged so distribution is super easy.

the choices are cheeze, pepperoni, hawaiin and vegetarian.

the students pre-order their pizza choices,  
our job as pizza day coordinators is to sort pizza orders by class division.

(there are two of us... my cohort, suzanne, is a super amazing mom 
who i have really gotten to know during our weekly humpday rendezvous)

we distribute them to the different classes by way of these blue laundry baskets.

once all the classes get their baskets of pizza orders,
we sell the rest of the remaining pizzas to the children and teachers who didn't pre-order.

 those who want pizza have to come down as soon as they can
because even though we have several extras for sale, they go very quickly.

each piece cost $4.00
and we take i.o.u. notes from those who forgot their cash 
but can't resist the doughy, cheezey temptation.

the other beauty of pizza day, is that harlow gets to come....
this is great, because it allows me to volunteer and walk the dog at the same time.

harlow is such a zen dog...
he remains soooooo calm amidst the overwhelming aroma of hot pizza

 the kids come and give him a good rum down every week.
some kids come down to buy pizza and to pet harlow, some come just for the dog

there are kids who were terrified of dogs before they met harlow
but slowly, they inch closer and closer, 
and by the middle of the school year, 
they've become comfortable enough to give him a scratch.


the pizza days when harlow doesn't come to school with me
but goes on field trips with my husband,
the kids ask for him and don't hesitate to show me their disappointment..

i'm going to miss pizza day and all the children
this is my last year because both my children will be in high school next year.

it's been a real privilege to have been part of the humpday activities
at lansdowne middle school.



  1. pizza day at school !?! Sounds heavenly. We used to have a tuck shop but it was so crazy over priced, we ended up sneaking out and buying our own treats from the shop. I love that some of the kids are getting over their dog fear. We absolutely adore dogs but I have taught Orlaith to always ask the owner before petting a dog because you never know :)

    1. parents love pizza day... no humpday worries about making lunches!!!
      and yes, most of the kids unfamiliar with harlow will ask before they pet him...i agree... you never know


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!