Saturday, June 21, 2014

quick draw

all four of us live busy lives...
with work, sports, friends, school, housework and a furry friend to walk... 
we find we are always running out the door and 
rarely have time to sit down together for dinner.
somehow,  we have gotten ourselves into such hectic schedules that 
 we don't have the leisure time to interact qualitatively with one another.

june is usually the worst of the busy months.
but... since summer started early this year... (bc teachers' strike)
we've already had another family games night a couple of days ago.

pictionary has become the top pick at our home!

we tend to play at least once a week or everyday when on vacation 
(because it is so easy to pack and take along).

we've partnered into all possible variations:
boys vs. girls, parents vs children, and father/daughter vs mother/son.... 
and surprisingly, all the team combinations are equally strong.

there are some nights when one of us just isn't up to playing... 
but with a little nudging, all tend to capitulate
and it doesn't take long before we are flipping our drawing pads for a clear page, 
or sharpening our pencils and minds to compete for an 'all play'

it is so much fun... but i have to confess that at the beginning there were also tears.
but as we played more often, we learned about each other's pictionary strengths and weaknesses and when we used them our games became more strategic and enjoyable.

playing pictionary engages all sorts of important skills, 
including problem solving and decision-making, 
impulse control (waiting for your turn), following rules and direction, 
and communication with others (even if you can only draw and not talk).  

it also helps us learn how to handle conflict (all our competitive sides have surfaced and we all learned to check our feelings and behaviour when we don't win)

it's the ultimate in family quality time !!!
the game has helped a lot in communication, interaction, 
bonding and building trust between us.  

apart from this it even relieves the stress and gives us some relaxation.
playing  pictionary brings all of us around the table , 
where we can share some thoughts and feelings 
outside the slog of homework, errands and chores.

it takes a least an hour and a half (minimum) to play a game.

at the end, we're all exhausted but ...
we all giggle when we survey all funny little pictures mementos of our time together.

do you have a favourite game for a night with your family?


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