Thursday, June 12, 2014

little free library

i don't have a kindle nor have i had the opportunity to read an ebook.

i love reading books the old fashioned way...
by picking up a book and flipping the pages.

 so, when i discovered my first free library... i was ecstatic!

apparently, these libraries started in wisconsin in 2009 
when todd bol built a model of a one room schoolhouse and filled it with books 
as a tribute to his mother, who loved reading.
as of january 2014, there are over 15,000 little free libraries world wide.

the little free library movement is alive and strong in our neighbourhood.
within a ten block radius of our home, i found four little free libraries !!

it's a "take a book, return a book" gathering place where 
neighbours share their favourite literature and stories.  

in its most basic form, a little free library is 
a water proof box with a glass door full of books 
where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) 
and bring back another book to share.

most of these libraries will also have a little notebook and pen, 
so people can leave notes and talk about the books they have read and shared.

its a great way to catch up on your reading, 
because the contents of the library change everyday... 
it's an adventure to see what people are reading and sharing every time

also, its a wonderful way great way to bring the neighbourhood together.
several times when i've stopped to check the contents of the little library,
 i either got to chat with the owner or another borrower, 
conversations that would never have started if i was just walking the sidewalk.

unlike the public libraries (which i spend a lot of time in), 
these little free libraries require no membership/ library cards.

one of the owners of these libraries told me that several people, 
who don't normally visit the public libraries have stopped to take out books 
because it was en route and so convenient. 

who wouldn't want to stop and read a bit, 
especially if provided with beautiful benches under a shady tree?

Y E S !!!
i'm so inspired by this literacy promoting/ community building /sharing movement...
 i already know what i'm going to ask for my birthday.


here are new ones that i've found:


  1. found 4 in your neighbourhood? is there an index for these? we have TONNES of kids books we could disperse

    1. yes... carl... have you not see them? it's your neighbourhood too...LOL

  2. How cool! I love the idea. I, like you, much prefer to hold a book in my hands, no kindle or ebooks here.

    1. i love the freedom of falling asleep with a book and not having to worry to turn it off (can you imagine??)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!