Saturday, June 28, 2014

par...tay !! (part 2)

you are invited ... 
to the grade 8 farewell party

time:  6 pm to 9 pm
place:  windsor pavilion
date: thursday, june 26, 2014

it was a beautiful night for a party.
so many came to celebrate the end of grade 8 and the start of summer.

 the boys came ready for a quick game of soccer...
(we had to lure them to the party somehow)

and all the girls were beautiful with their summer dresses on ! ! !

very few were shy of the camera that night !!!
all were ready to get a picture taken with their bff -iest of friends...

and of course the chaperons were the least camera shy of all !!!

there were soooo  much yummy treats to munch on....

everyone got a bite to eat...
then headed to the dance floor !!!

the lights had to be dimmed... 
to get the full effect of the strobe and the glow sticks !!!!

our very own nima...did a spectacular job as d.j.
because the place rocked !!!

when the clock struck..."time to go home"...
everyone made sure to leave their mark...
on the signature sheet.

there were no goodbye tears this special night...
only loads and loads of great memories to keep !!!


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