Wednesday, June 4, 2014

thrifted threads: 99cent skirts

this flyer came with the local paper.
 there was a 99 cent sale at the local thrift shop last friday...

guess who was there???

there were some really cute skirts... i bought four.
just in time for summer!
  skirts are perfect once the weather goes above 17 degrees celsius.
i will wear them everywhere... mostly with tshirts and crocs.

the first skirt is really sweet.
it has a cute cherry print on it and it zips up at the back.
it goes nicely with this olive colour tank top that i already had.

the second on is a wrap-around made of heavy cotton
 and it came with a flower print in pumpkin orange and beige.

it was a perfect match to this pumpkin top that i've had but hadn't been able to wear.

one trouble with thrifting is that i will buy separate pieces that 
catch my eye instead of a whole outfit, 
therefore, some pieces have to wait years before it finds its match.

this third skirt looks almost retro... don't you think?
its another wrap-around, with different stripes of avocado green and burnt orange.
those colours that were such a hit especially for kitchen appliances in the 80s.

i love the look of this striped one.
paired it with another avocado green tank with horizontal patterns, it felt great.

i really do love wrap-arounds... 
if you wrap them around you snug enough, they are better than spanx. LOL

looking at these pics, 
i really should have ironed before the photo shoot...sorry!!!

my last score is this black skirt made out of cotton,
 with these beautiful flower patches embroidered in the front.
the cotton is heavy enough, that i can probably also wear it in the fall.

there they are...
4 skirts for less than 4 dollars... 
there are no taxes on used clothing.

i couldn't find labels on any of the skirts...
so your guess is as good as mine as to brands or manufacturers. 

however, i am so glad i found that flyer in the paper....


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