Thursday, June 26, 2014

chair - ish

a friend invited me to check out his craft...
i went and i looked and was so impressed with what i saw ! 

he wouldn't stop talking about this course for months before it started.... 
( i actually loved hearing about it... heeheehee... but i wasn't gonna tell him that)

he was so nervous they wouldn't take his money and he wouldn't be picked to join the class...

then he went missing for almost a year....

he resurfaced more invigorated than ever, with lots of stories about his 
ten intense and creative months with the 
camosun college fine furniture class

'sunset lounger' by john tucker

'risky business' by ian porcher

 the hamptons chair by melissa miralles

"rest thee traveller" by ian k fleury

chair -ish was the end of year exhibit.
it was held at the arts centre at cedar hill.
this was where the graduating students showcased their final projects 
and submitted their creations to critical judgement by industry experts.

'the bone throne' by stefy

'check    it out"  by riley peace

'nomad chair and ottaman by christen lalonde

'rock me mama like a wagon wheel' by brenden james

each student was challenged to design and manufacture seating using western maple 
donated by the vancouver island woodworker's guild.  

for this final project, the finished chair must be 
designed to meet standard shipping size requirements 
(i.e. if the assembled project is too large, it must be designed and constructed so that 
it can be shipped in parts and easily assembled once delivered.)

'art deco dining chair' by cam dobson

'free range' by jamie noble

' the unchair' by max (lee lange)

'als ik kan' by nick picard

yes, the show was pretty impressive...
so much talent and all from our very own vancouver island.

all the graduates from this camosun college course received a 
certificate in fine furniture and joinery.

thanks for the invite, john !!!!


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