Monday, June 9, 2014

willows' tea

 my friends and i went for tea last friday....

although we meet for tea or coffee regularly,
this tea date was special because we went back to willows elementary,
the school where we met...
our children were in the same kindergarten classes together...

 every year, the school holds a year end tea party for the school community and anyone who would love to see what goes on in this special place called 'willows'

the gymnasium gets decorated with giant tea cups 
and street lights with hanging baskets

 the tables get set with white table cloths and fine tea cups and beautiful flowers
 (all donated by school moms from their gardens and kitchens)

the older children put on their best aprons and spring outfits
to serve us tea and goodies.

look at this tulip teapot... isn't it wonderful?

meanwhile, the little people
come through class by class parading their spring outfits and easter bonnets.

although our own children have long graduated from elementary school,
my friends and i have come back to celebrate spring 
and the beauty of friendships made while watching our children swing on the monkey bars 
and hours of volunteering in the classroom.

after several shortbread cookies, scones, banana bread and numerous cups of tea later,
we were drunk with good memories of when our children were little and 
they themselves paraded down these aisles and 
we were the mothers behind the scene making the sandwiches and baking the cookies.

 yes, i think we had a little too much sugar and tea... 
because the urge to selfies took over !!!
  it was a beautiful afternoon...
especially when i get to spend it with my besties of friends !!!!



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    1. thanks Kim... having time to gather for tea with friends is always a lovely time (even though, I'm a coffee lover myself)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!