Sunday, June 15, 2014

james bay market

i love going to market on saturdays...
this little one in the james bay community is a favourite of mine...

their motto is 'handmade...homemade... homegrown' !!!

it's a great place to pick up some produce, a gift for a friend, a bite to eat and 
sip on a cold drink or a cup of hot coffee while listening to local musicians.

there are so many artisan vendors selling gorgeous pottery, woodwork, textiles, 
unique jewelry, and art of all kinds.
one of the craftsman  told me that she had to go
 through a jury process before being allowed to sell at the market.
this ensures the handmade, homemade quality of the products sold.

for me, most of my purchases are at the farm stands.

there are numerous farmers selling ultra fresh produce and farm products.  
you'll find fresh red peppers, juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, and many 
more fruits and vegetables, all locally grown .

also, there are services such as masseurs, tarot readers, and other vendors.

finally, there are food vendors with tables filled with 
freshly baked breads, pies, savory treats, desserts, and drinks.

 the international women's catering co-op is ian's favourite.  
there is always a line up but its worth the wait...

their samosas are gigantic, delicious, and mouth watering.
the only drawback is once you eat one, 
you will be dreaming about another until you come back the next saturday.

this 'handmade, homemade, homegrown' market is wonderful in so many ways !!!
not only does it encourage and develop and awareness of the 
importance of local agriculture, art and craft, 
it also encourages education about the environment, healthy living and organic farming.

plus... and it's a big plus... it provides an atmosphere 
that encourages community interaction and participation of the neighbourhood.

so much better than costco !!!   right??


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