Wednesday, February 18, 2015

thrifted threads: fifty shades of grey

no ... i haven't watched the movie (and don't plan to !)
i have read the first of the series... and thought it read more like fifty shades of disappointment (only my personal opinion) 
if you are looking for really good erotica... i would suggest the works of marguerite duras, henry miller or anais nin.

however, i needed something catchy for the title of this 'what i wore wednesday' post.
and yes... i'm linking up with lindsey at the pleated poppy for some fashion fun !!!

i found this thrifted variegated grey sweater last summer
and is one of the most comfortable of things i have to wear.
i actually found it in the men's section of the thrift shop 
but ended not giving it to my son because i liked it so much

 there are no tags on the sweater, so i couldn't tell you where it originated
but it washes easily and feels like a cotton blend

i wear it with blue grey slacks (also thrifted from a while back)
and a variegated grey necklace i picked up from one of the local vendors at our moss street market.

 although i would not, could not, will not recommend the book or the movie... 
i'll give this grey sweater two thumbs up.

happy humpday everybody !!!



  1. I love the sweater. Haven't read the book, or seen the movie :)

  2. You look lovely (as usual!) I never was a fan of gray but for the past three or so years I've developed a deep abiding love for it. I think every day I am wearing something with a touch of gray!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!