Monday, February 16, 2015

hello monday 02/16/15

hello friends !!!

welcome to another hello monday
i'm linking up with lisa to greet the new week and all the gifts it brings...

hello dentist appointment - it always surprises me when my six month appointment comes up - wasn't i just there getting my teeth cleaned ?!?

hello volunteering - i finished my five week training sessions this sunday, and am ready to start volunteering at the cridge centre this week.  it has been an incredible learning and eye-opening experience and i am so grateful and so excited to be part of this.

hello february birthday - my first born turns seventeen tomorrow (and he has requested cheesecake !!!) 

hello  backyard gardening - yes, the forecast is for sun sun sun this week - perfect for this fairweather gardener (so much has already popped up in our, to get rid of those weeds!)

hello grocery list - my teens hosted another party this friday past and the pantry and fridge are bare.  i think this will be my first tackle this beautiful monday morning...

wishing you all a wonderful start to your week



  1. Hope you had a lovely Monday Erica. Seventeen, wow!!! And backyard gardening, enjoy!

    1. i know... seventeen... it seems like it happened yesterday!?!?

  2. happy birthday to your son!!! I dread the dentist and when I'm done with a cleaning, I wonder why I dread it (childhood trauma...). Lovely photos and enjoy your celebrating! and your volunteering.

    1. thanks Karen... i actually love visiting the dentist (even though i've had my fair share of childhood trauma without novocain)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!