Sunday, February 1, 2015


wow - february first already
where did it go????

january had gifted us with lots of sunshine and early blooms.
so when the busy-ness of our day (step aerobics, soccer, and more soccer) ended
we spent yesterday afternoon on victoria's dallas road walkway
celebrating the end of this beautiful month.
the day ended with pepper steaks for dinner 
and a very interesting japanese film called wool 100%.

today, will be a morning of puttering and baking.
our cookie jar and muffin tin seem to empty so much faster lately (the mom in me loves this !),
so i will grind more flax seed and more steel cut oats to hide in the bake goodies.

this afternoon... i am attending the third week of a series of five training sessions.
i've signed up to do some community volunteer work, 
and this year i've decided to devote my time outside of the school system.
due to confidentiality... i can't really discuss much of it... 
except for the fact that it has been 
so very interesting, exciting and uplifting 
to be a part of.

as i write this post, it's still very early in the morning, 
harlow is sitting by the front door...beckoning me, eager for his walk.

so i'm off...

wishing you a wonderful start 
to this month of love !!!


joining karen


  1. Gorgeous photo Erica. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and your training. Happy February!

  2. thanks Kim...hope you had a good weekend too.

  3. how nice you are volunteering, that will be very rewarding :) Love that photo and happy February!!

    1. thanks Karen... I'm really excited about working with this group... the training has been great so far.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!