Thursday, February 5, 2015

rolling in....

i cannot promise
i will never become restless,
that i won't ache
in ways you don't know
how to help.

there are clouds in me
and they roll in
from time to time,

i hope you learn to love
the dark mornings,
instead of always
fumbling around
for your umbrella.

      - tyler knott gregson

 the clouds have rolled in
enveloping our corner of the island
bringing plenty of rain and colourful umbrellas

after living in the west coast, for almost 20 years
i have to admit that although i have grown to appreciate them... it is not love

the sky goes sinister gray, at times ...ominous black
for days... sometimes for weeks
in between downpours, we are cocooned in mist,
the air so full of moisture...that moss and lichen grow prolific
and even the straightest of hairs starts to the curl

these are the days... of sitting by the fire, woolly blankets, and extra hot cups of tea
the doggy towels are by the door... and rain boots ready for puddle play

at times... the gray becomes too oppressive
some buy tickets to sunnier, drier destinations 
while arm chair travellers start clicking their remotes to keep up with rick steves

then one day...
the clouds roll out again
the sun shines and the crocuses open



  1. I love Tyler Knott Gregson, just finished reading Chasers of the Light, so good.

    I guess the good thing is that the light always returns, and after the dark it gives such appreciation for the light. Enjoy the fire, hot tea, and woolly blankets.

    1. thanks Kim...I stumbled upon Gregson via pinterest... and i love what i have read so far... mus look for Chasers of the Light.

  2. my son loves clouds and drizzle and rainy days, me not so much. However I love how no matter the amount of clouds and dreariness nature rewards us with blossoms! Beautiful :)

    1. Thanks Karen... the west coast is getting what they call a 'pineapple express' - in other words...tons and tons of rain... but yes... the blossoms !!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!