Wednesday, September 24, 2014

thrifted threads: sweater weather

its another what i wore wednesday... 
and i'm joining in the fun with lindsey at the pleated poppy.

i've pulled out one of my favourite thrifted sweaters
for this beginning of autumn 2014.

the air has changed,
the crispness is invigorating !!
when i watch people, they are walking more briskly, and with more vitality.

autumn is undoubtedly my favourite season.
and cozy, fall sweaters are definitely my favourite attire.

 i love this one in particular because the fabric is so comfortable on bare skin.
made with 100% acrylic, it allows me to wear tank tops or t-shirts underneath,
(just in case the temperature decides to soar mid-day).

what's brilliant that the extra ribbing in the collar and lapel 
gives the one wearing it the same extra warmth of a scarf.

 the teal green colour is gorgeous with denim 
(yes, you've seen these shorts before).

there is no need for accessories,  
because the three huge buttons does the trick !!!

the shorts /sweater combination is perfect for early autumn in the west coast.
the temperature is still hovering above 15 degrees celsius.

yes my friends, sweater weather is here... 
i wish you all a cozy wonderful wednesday !!!



thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!