Wednesday, September 17, 2014

thrifted threads: sari and denim

 welcome to another 'what i wore wednesday'
i'm joining in the fun with lindsey at the pleated poppy.

i found this beautiful sari dress 
at my favourite thrift shop a couple of weeks ago
and have been wearing it quite a bit ever since.

it didn't have any tags on it, 
and looks handmade when i turn it inside out to check the embroidery.
also it feels like pure silk because it is wonderful against my skin.

i love the fushia and orange combination... 
it really brightens up any day.

first, i paired it with an orange scarf that i got for christmas a few years back.
talk about vibrant !!!

the sari dress is so comfortable and so much fun to wear.
i wear it with my favourite pair of crop jeans (also thrifted ages ago).

you probably could already tell, 
i'm really fond of that dress/ tunic over pants look !!

 when it is cool outside, i layer the dress with a long denim jacket.

i love denim jackets, i live in them almost all year round... 
this one is a perfect length to complement the dress.

 the dress gives so much room for comfort... 
it has proven to be an easy to wear piece when my chore list is extra long.

i had a bit of a scare when i washed it the first time.
after retrieving it from the washing machine... 
the dress came out a third the original size.
luckily, after a swift ironing job, the fabric stretched out beautifully to fit me again.
does silk do that???

thrifting... it is so much fun !!!
did i mention the dress came to $4.00 ?!?



thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!