Wednesday, September 3, 2014

thrifted threads: 'running-around-town'

it was dark and wet and thunder stormy... 
all yesterday afternoon.

my teens are home for another week until the bc teachers' strike gets resolved.
so they accompanied me while i ran errands around town.

since none of the public school children were in classes... 
the shops were busy with back-to-school shoppers and the traffic was horrible.
it took us till late afternoon before we returned home.

 then... i remembered about 'what i wore wednesday'...
so for this post... i'm wearing my 'running-around-town' outfit.

basically, it's a black and white cotton shirt with this wonderful swirly pattern 
and my favourite jean cutoffs.

the top was thrifted for about $2.25... 
and the shorts were an old pair of jeans i've had since my university days.

the only thing new is the ponytail... i'm thinking of growing out my layers.

 since the weather seemed to have changed all of a sudden...
i had to layer with a cotton sweater (jcrew)... another thrifted find from years ago.
i call it my autumn sweater...because it has this deep shade of pumpkin.

there you have 'errand-running' outfit
i actually got a lot done, even with my kids in tow.
we all have our fingers crossed that school will start soon... 
now that we've got all our back-to-school supplies !!!


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