Friday, September 5, 2014

material girl

 i found some beautiful remnants of material in the thrift bin the other day.
the lot cost me less than $6.00.

i couldn't resist... 
the fabrics' colours and patterns were just too exciting to ignore

i have a couple of simple sewing projects i know i can use them for:
some new covers for the deck pillows 
and maybe a futon cover for harlow's dog bed.

i can't really call myself a seamstress,  i don't even own a sewing machine.. 
if i needed one, i know a couple of friends who would gladly lend me one.

the one and only garment i've ever sewn was 
a simple blouse with puffy sleeves in elementary home ec class.

today,  i really enjoy and stay productive just using a basic hand stitch 
to start and finish my little projects.
of course, to double the pleasure, i sew while listening to music or an audio book.

 i'm in love with my little pincushion of pins and needles 
and my braided thread supply 
(all from the dollarama).

with these simple and portable tools, 
i can mend, hem, alter, retrofit and sew just about any simple projects.

my hands love keeping busy...
and pushing and pulling a threaded needle through colourful printed fabric
is definitely one of my favourite pastime.


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