Sunday, September 14, 2014

block watch potluck

 yesterday evening, our block gathered together for a potluck 
to visit with old friends, welcome new neighbours and encourage 
each other to participate in the block watch program.

 the evening was beautiful... many came to join the festivities.
victoria police came to introduce the block watch program to the new neighbours, 
basically encouraging participation.
our block initiated the program a few years ago and has been 
very successful in reducing the likelihood of residential crime.

the program requires forming a communication chain where we create a map of the neighbourhood, complete with names, telephone numbers and addresses.  Then participating neighbours will watch out for each others' homes and report suspicious activities to the police and each other.

 participation is high amongst our block family.  
ian has been a block watch captain for a few years now.
it is an easy block to patrol because several (almost 50%) neighbours work out of home
so there are many eyes keeping watch over our little block.

finally,  after the updates and introductions we moved on to the socializing and food.

it was a great evening to catch up with everyone.
i loved hearing all the interesting stories of summer adventures and staycations.

i even got a tour of the inside of a trillium trailer
i think i really want one.
did you know that they are even lighter than a boler?

the food was fabulous (sorry...i was too busy talking to get a picture of it)
potlucks are the best...aren't they?... you get to sample so many different dishes.
 john's deep fryer and homecut homegrown fries were a big hit !!!

we have lived on this block for over 19 years now.... 
and have loved every minute of it.
we really have the loveliest and friendliest of neighbours... 
many have become really good friends.

 it was a lovely evening... 
we sat around past nightfall sharing random stories and admiring the stars.  



  1. What a wonderful gathering, and for such a good reason. Love the flags :)

    1. our block painted those flags at a previous block party... we have wonderful artists that live on our block and they supplied all the material and expertise. now the flags go up whenever we have an event.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!