Friday, September 26, 2014

deer feed

around this time of year, 
i visit the garden centres to peek at their collection of spring bulbs.
surprisingly, they seem to be very late this year...
has the deer overpopulation affected the bulb market in victoria????

 earlier this week, they were finally here !
and without hesitation i bought several bags 
of my favourite (as of last spring) tulips.

these species of tulips are gorgeous.
when in bloom, they open up thick with petals 
that they look more like peonies than tulips.

and the shades of the blooms are spectacular:  
oranges, yellows and variegated between.

i think i might have gone overboard with the purchase... 
and as i was cashing out at the till, 
i was already asking myself if all i was buying was spring deer feed?

the deer population inside our city has soared.
they are crossing very busy arteries to feed on the blooms.
also, we have a resident doe and fawn 
in an empty lot just a few houses away from us.

thank goodness for my very own deer patrol.
now i just have to get those bulbs in the ground !!!



  1. Fingers crossed they turn into tulips not just happy deer come the Spring because they look stunning!!

    1. i had a lot of luck with last years tulips.. so i'm keeping my fingers crossed with these.

  2. I'm going to plant my tulips today. The deer have been staying in the woods behind the house most of the time thanks to the dogs but I'm sure one of these days they'll notice when the dogs are in all day and have themselves a snack.

    1. happy planting Robin... can't wait to see pictures of your tulips in the spring !!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!