Tuesday, September 16, 2014

for the birds...

we love it when our little feathered friends come to visit...

i'm not much of a birder... 
but i know a sparrow when i see one (because we get quite a few of them)

this weekend however, i noticed the quietness in the yard...
have the all the birds gone for the fall?
i wonder if all the squirrel activity around our walnut tree had scared them away.

to entice them back, i cleaned and refilled all our feeders.

also, i refinished a bird feeder that i found (in a free box) 
during one of my walks with harlow, our dog.

can you believe what people give away???
(yes, i carried it all the five blocks to home)

i read somewhere that victoria, 
being on the southern most point of vancouver island, 
is under the pacific migratory route used by hundreds of migrating birds.

the spring is amazing around here, 
 by march, the number of bird sightings are significant.
 the symphony of their songs can be heard everywhere around us... 
and loudest by our bedroom window.

but we don't mind at all...
it really is so lovely.

and now that it is so quiet...
all we can do is put out the welcome sign
and wait...



  1. Ha, we rescued a bird feeder from someone's trash a few years ago. It still stands proudly in our backyard, and the birds love it.

    Lucky birds in your neck of the woods. They will come soon.

    1. thanks Kim, the one i rescued just needed a little power washing and some red paint to spruce it up... i really like the shape of it.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!