Tuesday, September 30, 2014

salt spring

this past weekend was another beautiful one in the west coast.
the nearly deads, ian's soccer team, was playing on salt spring island....
guess who tagged along?

salt spring is such a magical place in british columbia...
you feel it the minute you land in fulford harbour... 
all the colourful and artistic architecture instantly puts a smile on everyone.

don't you just love purple houses?

with a population of over 10 thousand, the island is known for 
its large number of artists, sculptures, and musicisans.

salt spring is home to wildlife artist, robert bateman; folk musician, valdy; 
 singer-songwriter, raffi and so many more famous and not-so famous artists.

there is also so much cedar and old wood in the architecture, 
which are mostly tiny little cottages,
 that it gives the village such warmth and coziness.
even the tax accountant's den is so charming.

there is a wonderful mural of butterflies in ganges,
 the biggest village in salt spring.

the work of artisans are everywhere to be found.
even the signage for parking is a work of art.

we ended our trip with a large cup of coffee and tea from morningside.
have i mentioned i've converted to sipping tea, for my hot beverage of choice?

we had a forty minute wait for the next ferry ..
but we weren't complaining...because there was so much more to take in.
i spent most of it browsing through the fantastic book collection in morningside.

all too soon, we were back on the ferry...
we were hurrying back for a bbq to celebrate the nearly dead's 7 to 1 loss !!!



  1. I have heard so many wonderful things about Salt Spring Island...I think I would like it there :) Looks like a great day.

    1. i think that you would love it there. Your farm, your philosophy, your homeschooling is so congruous to salt spring ideology !!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!