Thursday, September 25, 2014

the art of ramen

what i love best about toronto is its ethnic vibe:
different view points, different skin, different music, different food.
it is multicultural to the max...

this past weekend, i discovered the art of ramen.

ramen noodles that is... 
at the kinton ramen restaurant on queen street west

after a full day of touring the big city and then visiting with a long time friend, 
it was nine p.m. by the time my sister and i headed out for supper 
(it's ok because it was only 6 pm victoria time)

 by the time we arrived at the tiny noodle house,
 it was packed...

the only seats left were at the bar 
front row centre... directly across from all the cooking action.
(f.y.i.:  if you don't see it... there is a clear glass panel separating us)

we watched as these two amazing ramen masters performed their dance.
first, there was the preparation of the noodles.

then comes the steaming and shaking....  
and oh... there was a lot of steaming and vigorous shaking.
it was a work out just watching them.

then came the blow torching, 
yes... blow torching
apparently, a special technique to add caramelized flavor to the meat.

and finally, finishing with the simple toppings:  
nori; seaweed; bean sprouts; scallions; sweet corn; seasoned eggs; 
scallions; jalapeno; swiss cheese

approximately twenty minutes after ordering,
we were feasting on the most scrumptious bowls of noodles...
they were so yummmmmy !!!

two thumbs up !!!
definitely a 4.5 star rating !!!


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