Saturday, September 13, 2014

working at home

lately, something really amazing is happening.
somehow, we (all four of us) are able to get our work done at home.

with the children suddenly home schooled (due to on going teachers' strike), 
and my husband's work flexibility, 
and of course my position in management of all departments around the home,
we all find ourselves, at least three week days a week, 
being productive (and together) at home.

i have to admit... our home is not conducive to a productive home-work environment.
distractions are everywhere: 
our backyard is full of birds, butterflies, collapsible laundry lines; 
the phone is constantly ringing (drat... another telemarketer); 
the kettle is whistling non-stop; and our dog is always nudging for a treat.

since there isn't a school bell ringing in the morning...
 my peeps forgo the usual morning rituals of bathing and putting on fresh clothes.  
instead they set straight to work with hair still bed headed and pajamas still rumpled.

 perhaps what's pulling us towards productivity... 
is the call of september and its' bouquets of sharpened pencils.
don't you love that line from the movie you've got mail ?

i know the children are missing their friends, 
all the little everyday chances of camaraderie and socializing.  
but we are lucky because we live in a vibrant little neighbourhood where 
casual connections are easy and frequent 
and friends are only a phone call and a block or two away.

we've been lucky too with the weather... 
the sun hasn't stopped shining and september has been beautiful.
once the rain starts, we will have to learn to productively share our 800 sq feet of coziness.

yes... working at home is definitely an art still to be mastered...
but we are getting there !!!


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