Saturday, September 20, 2014

coffee/tea anyone?

we hadn't seen each other since july, where did the time go?
so when an email titled "coffee/tea anyone?", 
of course, we immediately set a time and place.

this week, my friends and i met at crumsby's ,
 our local cupcake cafe.

 the place is great...
the walls are painted bright colours
and lots of seating, even when the afternoon rush comes through.

 the best part is the children's play area...

with its basket of toys, train sets, chalk board, reading corner,
there is plenty to keep children occupied 
so tired mommies can get to sit and visit and catch up.

and of course the piece de resistance... the crumsby cupcakes,
with frosty, creamy toppings almost larger than the tops.

and for the little people, 
or those watching our buddha bellies, 
there are mini cupcakes, 
whose frostings are definitely just as large as the cake themselves.

 it's so nice to see each other again.
to sit and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and
to catch up and hear adventures taken over the summer and plans for the fall.

girlfriends are so much fun !!!


p.s.  thanks cathy for the gorgeous flowers (xoxoxoxo)

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