Wednesday, October 1, 2014

thrifted threads: salt spring treasures

 we were on salt spring island on the weekend
and of course...i stumbled upon some thrifted treasures

just in time for another 'what i wore wednesday' 
when i join in the fun with lindsey at the pleated poppy.

the first is an item wasn't from a thrift shop at all.
 i found it in a $5.00 bin in a little boutique in fulford harbour.

there was a tiny little tear in the back by the neckline and the owner had said that 
she was overwhelmed with all her mending as it was already and had
just added the item into the bin.

since there was an end of season 30 % off the last ticketed price,
the piece was mine for $3.50
the tear took two seconds to repair.

i love it because it is definitely an item that shouts "saltspring !!" 
all purple and blues with hints of other artsy flavour.
and oh so easy to wear.

the second item i found in transitions, a thrift shop in the heart of ganges.
it is a big, baggy, hand knit cotton sweater that came in blue grey tones.

if you've been following my thrifted threads posts, 
you probably already know that this is just my style.

the sweater was huge on me.
but i did my little retrofitting trick on the sleeves and 


pure comfort with lots of west coast island flair !!!
so much fun and such a great find from the two dollar rack.

visiting salt spring island is always so enjoyable.
especially when i come back with such thrifted treasures.


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