Saturday, May 30, 2015

two wheeling

only a biker 
 why a dog
sticks his head
out the car window
                      - unknown
victoria's bike to work week is almost over (only today and tomorrow left)
and i'm happy to say most of our household have pedaled our way around town all week.
due to the nature of his work, poor ian couldn't participate.
it helps that i still have the chariot  to pull all my groceries in,
and that everything we need is in cycling or walking proximity.
(soccer season is well over - so no late evening drop-offs and pick-ups- yippeee)

unfortunately, i have to drive a short distance (to step class) this morning....
but will be back on two wheels by this afternoon
(and maybe the rest of the summer?!?)

wishing you all a wonderful weekend...


  1. I like to bike as much as I can. We have had so much rain that I've realized I'm going to have to get rain gear for biking if I'm going to get a decent amount of exercise. I know I shouldn't complain; I have close friends in California!

    1. the whole west coast is experiencing a drought I think...we haven't had rain in months!!!

  2. That is the one thing I wish I could do here, bike to do errands. Living rurally just doesn't allow for that. Enjoy your riding. xo

    1. Ah yes, pedestrian and cycle friendly, was the highest on our priority list when choosing a place to live. Victoria is great for it.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!