Wednesday, May 6, 2015

thrifted threads: crocheted blossom

welcome to 
'what i wore wednesday'
i'm linking up with lindsey and joining in the fashion fun.

the tulips around here are on their last legs.
the colour display was spectacular this spring,
it made all my walks with harlow around the neighbourhood so enjoyable,
check out these see-thru tulips!!
i found this sweater in the plus size rack of the thrift shop.
it is extra huge on me... but i love it.
i couldn't find a i can't really tell if it was hand-crocheted,
but the yarn used is the softest of cotton.
i love the big crocheted flower in the front - and on the sleeves.
it's perfect for wearing on a lovely spring day.
thrifting is such fun...
too much fun actually that i have to restrain myself,
i specifically went into the shop to look for scrap yarn (which was located near the plus-size rack)
i was doubly successful that day, because i came home with a bag of colourful yarn and this crocheted blossom.
happy hump day everyone !!



  1. I love that sweater, the colour is just lovely. Hope you are having a wonderful day Erica!

    1. you are so kind Kim...hope you are having a great day too


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!