Saturday, May 2, 2015

divide and multiply

if you haven't heard about my bergenia windfall you might want to read this.

the transfer is complete.
well... i might go back for that fern?!?
it took three trips... ian helped me with the first one but i was on my own for the last two.

the weather was beautiful all through the week...perfect for playing in the garden- and that was exactly what i did.  this time of the year, it is easy digging (the ground is so soft right) and easy weeding (only one tug and it lifts off) so the time just flew!!

when we moved into our home, almost 19 years ago, there was nothing except a walnut tree in our back yard.  excited to get some colour into it, at first, i invested into so many nursery plants in hopes that they would thrive (some actually did!).  

then my son was born one february, so we were strolling around the neighbourhood by spring.  by the end of some walks, the back of the stroller was so full of divisions of plants left on the sidewalks by my generous neighbours, free for the taking ... 

soon after, friends with really green thumbs started calling me to take home their divisions too.  these plants were the ones that tended to thrive in my yard...mostly because they had already proven themselves in other parts of the neighbourhood.

today, my garden is full
and now it's my turn...
if you want/need irises,
come and get it!!

wishing you a wonderful weekend

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  1. I love sharing plants, and seeds :)

    It has all come full circle for you now, love it when that happens. Hope you are having a lovely weekend.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!