Tuesday, May 26, 2015

fun stuff 05/26/15

my teal scrap blanket is growing quick (well...quick for me, that is)
to date, this is probably my eighth blanket 
(i will have to do inventory...and get back to you) 
i am enjoying the process of knitting together combinations of scrap yarn so much,
that i don't know if i'll ever be able to stop 
and actually start a 'real' project ?!?!
this week, i've picked up and started reading lisa genova's inside the o'briens.
genova is the neuroscientist who wrote about alzheimer's in still alice
this time she weaves the tragedy and horror of huntington's disease into fiction.
i love it when doctors (particularly specialists) can write and tell stories - and genova is great at it!!  she brings awareness to an illness that i would guess not many would know about.
i knew nothing about huntington's disease before reading this novel - so this an educational read for me (and i can't put it down!!!)
i am only half way through...will tell you more next week.
i also picked up and am browsing through marie kondo's the life-changing magic of tidying up.
my home defintely needs tidying up....but so far, i think this book will appeal more to those aspiring extreme minimalism (which i definitely am not)
kondo proposes a category-by category system (as oppose to a room-by-room system) of eliminating clutter.  
can you imagine taking ALL the paper throughout your ENTIRE house and placing them on the living room floor then sorting through them?   
however, i (a resident for nineteen years in a house with no closets) wholeheartedly agree with her strategy of eliminating storage systems.  
what are you knitting? reading?
care to share?



  1. I have heard about that book. I understand the need to eliminate storage systems. It seems I spend a lot of time just organising and maintaining storage! I love your scrap blankets - gorgeous!

  2. I read Genova's book Love Anthony last month, so good. She definitely has a way with words. Loving that blanket.

  3. I LOVE all the colors in your blanket! Scrap projects never work out that well for me. Enjoy the books!

  4. Lovely blanket, great way to use up scraps!

  5. The blanket is really coming along, such an ingenious way to use scraps.

  6. I love those colors - so cooling to look at. (we're having hot weather here)

  7. The colours in your blanket are a beautiful combination. I'm just finishing my first full size crochet blanket - it has taken a year!

  8. I love the blanket, it is coming along beautifully.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!