Thursday, May 28, 2015


                            to learn 
                            how to ask for 
                            what we need,
                            only to practice 
                            what we're given.
                            this is our journey 
                            on earth.
               - mark nepo
i've always been good at accepting what is....
'it is what it is, accept it and move on'  was always my strong card in life.

but i've always needed help in the asking department...
maybe it was because i was one of six children and never learned 
to use my voice separate from the crowd,
or maybe i just didn't know what i needed (then and even now)
most likely, it was because i was always resourceful...
i mostly knew how to get what i needed with very little help??

i just sat through a non-violent communications workshop based on
marshall rosenberg's work on communicating needs.

boy-oh-boy....i still have a lot to learn!!!
i'm still growing and learning...and it's all too exciting!!




  1. Oh I can just imagine how wonderful that workshop was. I love Rosenbrrg's work, and have read his book, and also have it on audio so I can tune in when I need a little reminder. I imagine a world where we all practice NVC, it would be a pretty special place.

    Isn't it amazing to little be learning and growing on our journeys. Have a wonderful day Erica. xo

    1. i have had his book since my kids were in preschool... but this is the first workshop i've attended and it was fantastic. It would be wonderful to live in a NVC world ...but I'll also settle for a NVC home. I will have to get his audio!!!

  2. The workshop you attended sounds like something I could benefit from myself, I have the same problem.
    You are from a family of six? That is wonderful.

    1. Tracey... you should pick up his book and audio...loads of great stuff in it

  3. sounds insightful, I have a hard time accepting and asking. I like to be in control and believe no one can do it but me...I might have to look this stuff up. I'm with tracey, a family of six? the things I learn about you :)

    1. Marshall Rosenberg's work is will have to check him out. and yes, I'm the oldest of six (you'll have to stay tuned to learn more...hehe)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!