Saturday, October 18, 2014

cabin fever (NOT...)

autumn around here has been hectic,
with the start of school, beginning of another soccer season,
 reunions back east, and so many bulbs to plant.
(hurray for me... they all made it into the ground !)

so when the thanksgiving long weekend came around this year...
all we wanted as a family was quiet and simple !

and we found it...a little cabin by st. mary's lake on salt spring island.

a mere 500 square feet, it had everything we needed and craved for.

it was perfect...
the space was conducive to cuddling and huddling 
and a whole lot of snuggling !!!

the bunks were a big hit...
and so was the wood stove.

the cabin came supplied with everything including my favourite board game,

and life jackets !!!

 the kitchen was my favourite ...
it was equipped with everything we needed to make delicious meals.
with a little corner grocery near by, 
we could pick up all the workings for simple dishes and special treats.

the best part was that with only five of everything (utensils, dishes, cups, etc)
there were no mountains of dishes to conquer, clean up was a breeze !!

in between outdoor adventures, the kids lived mostly in their pajamas.
comfy/cozy was the fashion mode of the weekend.

yes, we are definitely coming back...
escaping to a cabin was a wonderful way to recharge,
we all needed this respite of quiet and simplicity.

and guess who had the biggest smile of all?
all long weekend long.



  1. Oh how wonderful that looks and sounds. Glad you enjoyed your time there.

    1. it was such a treat !!! thanks for popping by KIm !!!

  2. my what a weekend! I have rented a cabin last year and the year before and it was fun to be with family. There's something about a rustic setting that makes life slow down!

    1. the simplicity of the rustic definitely reminds me to slow down... thanks for popping by Karen !!!


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!