Saturday, October 11, 2014

searching for jack

earlier  this week, i went back to our favourite farm market... 
michells on island view road

i actually stopped in for some of their sweet corn and apples 
but what greeted me was pumpkin madness !!

 their bins were overflowing with pumpkin, squash and gourds... 
which, someone told me, are all used interchangeably for the same fruit.
the selection was gorgeous !!

 i especially had fun looking through all the ornamental gourds.
all the shapes and colours put me in a dizzy swoon.

once i snapped out of it... 
i headed outside to check out the pumpkin patch...

is it too early to search for jack?
halloween is still three weeks away

 i ended up going home with several ears of corn, 
some gravensteins and a big bag of veggies.

our jack-o-lantern will have to wait until my teens are with me.

they still love coming out here, 

checking out the patch, looking for a perfect one to carve.
maybe sometime during this long weekend?


p.s. wishing all my canadian family and friends 
a happy thanksgiving weekend !!!

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