Sunday, October 19, 2014

50 bag challenge

5 down and 45 to go...

after a weekend in an uncluttered cabin... 
the urge to simplify and to declutter has overcome me.
having lived in our home for over 18 years, 
i have memories of the luxurious space that it once had:  
extra cabinets, empty hangers, bare walls.

  it didn't take long to fill it up,
mostly with things needed to grow these two babies of mine.

now... with two teens and a dog 
(harlow has two beds and 6 dishes. 5 leashes and several towels)
our little house feels even tinier.

so... i'm doing the 50 bag challenge
50 black garbage bags will be filled with STUFF.
after each increment of 10 bags... a trip to saint vinnies' donation bin.
(my front hallway can only hold so much.)

why 50?
because i want to make a real dent in reducing the clutter
and not just scratching the surface.
(also, because the garbage bags come in a box of fifty.)

i know the first 10 bags will be easy to fill...
clothes that we've outgrown, board games that haven't been played for ages, 
gadgets and thingamajigs we have doubles or triples of, ian's closet.

it's the next 40 that will be hard
can i let go of that set of beatrice potter books 
that we spent evenings reading together?
what about the little tea set that we played with so often?
oh... there is that sweater i wore through both my pregnancies...
these bags will be filled with things that i have perceived to be meaningful, 
full of sentiment and memories but in reality does not.

yup, i'm determined to do it
i am channeling my hard core decluttering alter ego
and i have resolved not to loose steam and motivation
until all 50 bags are filled.

7 down and 43 to go...



  1. What a challenge. You go! And always remember that things don't hold memories, your heart does. xo

    1. thanks Kim... i'll keep you posted on my progress of letting go .


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!