Wednesday, October 22, 2014

thrifted threads: peacock feathers

welcome to another 'what i wore wednesday'
today i'm linking up with 
lindsey at the pleated poppy to join in the fashion fun.

 loose, comfortable clothing is totally my thing... 
it's an extra bonus when the piece is also dressy enough to wear to 
special occasions when pajama casual just won't do.

for a recent family reunion... 
i wore this peacock feather tunic 
that i found in a thrift shop earlier in the spring

it was perfect because the reunion took place at an all you can eat buffet; 
and comfort was a definite necessity.

for extra warmth, 
i layered it with a thrifted wool poncho.
the poncho was perfect because the cut didn't hide the design of the sleeves.

reunions are so much fun.
i saw all my favourite aunts, uncles and cousins, 
many of whom i had not seen in decades.
there was so much laughter (my guts were hurting) 
and surprisingly, delicious food (my guts were expanding)...
i'm glad i had worn something so comfortable.


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thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!