Thursday, October 9, 2014

a little bit of italy

i'm taking you back to royal roads university 
this time to take a peek at the italian gardens.

the university's main building, hatley castle is the centrepiece of the campus 
and sits surrounded by the gardens.

there is so much history behind hatley castle.  
it was built initially as a home for james dunsmuir, b.c.'s lieutenant governor, 
then used as a military college and now as a university.

this is ian's alma mater...
imagine studying with all this beauty around you?

as you enter the italian gardens you step into a vestibule of columns and 
immediately, you are transported into some italian villa.

 the columns take you around a full circle 
with four different rooms in opposite corners.

unlike the  roman colosseum,
this garden is so lush with ivy and fuchsias everywhere !!!

we've visited royal roads a couple of times this past summer 
and the gardens are looking better than ever.

each visit is such a serene experience.
mostly because it is usually not crowded.

royal roads university, hatley park and the gardens 
is an easy trip from downtown victoria.

with a car, it takes 25 minutes from town,
and the public bus system will also get you here.

yes,  the italian gardens of royal roads is a real gem,... another must see !!!
it truly is a beautiful spot.



  1. Just amazing! There seems to be so much to see and do out there. One day I will visit.

    1. if you like gardens, hiking and the outdoors... this is the place !!! Come and i would love to show you a spot or two


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!