Saturday, October 25, 2014

lobster fest

ian came back from the east coast with the ultimate souvenirs.
pumpkin scented candles, almond bark, and
fresh crustaceans from nova scotia !!!

they survived the eleven hour journey from coast to coast
and they were still moving when we opened the box the following day.

did you know that lobsters contains less saturated fat calories and cholesterol 
than beef, pork, or even white chicken meat?
even better:  only 90 calories per 100 grams 
(if you skip the dips in the butter)

nevertheless...i'm allergic to them.
within 12 hours after consuming them, 
my face starts to swell and my fingers begin to itch. 

also, my daughter thinks eaten them is like feasting on giant bugs.

this makes my son very happy.
having been a very picky eater all of his 16 years,
he has allowed no more than a dozen food/dishes to be included in 
what he deems palatable and edible.

somehow... lobsters made it to the top five of this list.
he was more than delighted to have our share of the loot.

lobster fest...newspaper table cloth and all !!

wishing you a wonderful weekend

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