Saturday, October 4, 2014

get-a-way van

for retirement... this is my dream 
(thank goodness... ian shares the same)
i want to travel lightly throughout this whole continent and beyond... 
visiting and hiking all the national, provincial, municipal parks.

we been crafting our dream for years now
but the last piece of the puzzle finally popped out and was parked right in front of us..

we spotted this van a couple of weeks ago, while on the mainland.
isn't it beautiful?

the hippie in me loves all the colour and flower power 
(ian could do with less purple)
but what we love about it most 
is the size and efficiency it affords for driving through continents.

inside is a fridge, a heater and a double bed... and that is all we need.
twenty years ago, we took 3 months to go across canada 
in a little honda accord hatchback.
there was enough room for our food, our camping and hiking gear and our bikes.
this size vehicle will be four star luxurious in comparison !!!

my heart always longed for a volkswagon van... 
but ian cannot be persuaded and 
all the lemon-aids have given them such bad reviews for maintenance costs.

we've been considering a converted van like this for years now...
because one of our early retirement neighbours have had one for us to study and admire.
it has taken them everywhere...they are always riding off into the sunset 
with kayaks strapped on top.

even though retirement is still a long ways away...
it's good to know we can rent one of these for a mini test drive... 
maybe down the oregon coast this summer...

isn't dreaming fun ?!?



  1. Dreaming is always fun. Love the van. My dream it to drive across the country with my little man in a few years :)

    1. we all drove to winnipeg one summer and loved it... it was the trip back that was exhausting.... thanks for popping by


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!