Thursday, October 2, 2014

giant pine

there stands a giant pine in our neighbourhood
and it produces gargantuan cones.

this picture shows the cone in scale to my foot (size 8 and 1/2) 
and this specimen wasn't even the biggest that i've found.

the towering tree is so huge... i couldn't get it to completely fit into my picture.
the tree dwarfs all the houses on the street.

even the needles are enormous, 
some are even longer than the cones themselves.

i pass by this pine every morning 
while taking the dog for a walk around the neighbourhood

it's a landmark that tells harlow and me 
that we have only a block to go and we are home.
(this is when harlow gets excited because he knows 
breakfast is next on the agenda)

everyday, i look up and stand impressed by its colosalness,
and then i look down to see if it's dropped another one of its monstrous cones.

and it has... 
giving me my daily dose of wonder and amazement of nature. 


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thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!