Thursday, October 16, 2014

string of pearls

i finally got myself a string of pearls !!
i've been admiring these succulent beauties for a while now...

i've seen them in nurseries and indoor plant stores 
did you know they do well as both indoor and outdoor plant?
but like always, i found my treasure while walking harlow.
a neighbour on our block left them on the sidewalk to be rescued.

the pearls were in poor shape when i found them a month ago.
there were only a few rescuable strands and they were hanging on to dear life...
but look at them now !!!

for some pearls of wisdom:
these drought tolerant succulents like well drained soil 
(apparently, once a month watering is great for them!!)
also, they like bright sunny spots...
finally, because they are considered to be toxic... 
be sure that care be taken when growing them around children and pets.


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