Wednesday, January 28, 2015

thrifted threads: stripey dress

welcome to 'what i wore' wednesday
where i link up with lindsey at the pleated poppy
and blog what i actually wore tuesday (did you follow that ramble??)

my free pass to the art gallery came in yesterday
so we went to check out the current exhibitions.
have i already told you how wonderful our library is in victoria?
we are so lucky because there are so many cultural venues 
made available to residents through the library system.

so...because the mild weather has stayed with us,
i wore this thrifted striped dress.

originally... the dress (size extra larger) was huge on me.
but with some minor alterations under the arms and in the length, 
it's perfect and very comfortable to wear.

i paired it with some grey leggings and an indigo scarf...
and i was ready to go.

the gallery exhibits were wonderful...
i really enjoyed 'in another place, and here'
a collaboration of eight artists and their amazing photography.
if you are in victoria... it is worth a visit.


wishing you all a beautiful day !!!


  1. Gosh I wish I could walk out the door just wearing a dress and leggings...bundling up is getting a little old :) Love the dress.

    1. thanks Kim... it has been mild but i didn't mention the coat i had to wear on top...

  2. Love your dress....and your hair cut- you're so cute Erica.
    I'm with Kim- still bundling up...ugh.
    Have a great week!

    1. thanks Camilla - the mop was just washed but I am needing a haircut. You have a great week too.

  3. you look beautiful! I love the stripes and how you altered the fit to make it work :)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!