Tuesday, January 20, 2015

knitting and reading: 01/20/15

my first set of dishcloths are complete.
since i didn't follow a pattern,
i had a lot of fun free styling their designs.
i enjoyed knitting them so much,
that i've started another set in green.

this week, i'm reading
alice miller's the drama of the gifted child.
i have read this work of non-fiction as an undergrad, 
a required reading for one of my women's studies courses.

i'm revisiting it again because it was mentioned so often in
meg wolitzer's book the interestings
(the book that will be discussed by my book club this month)

if you haven't read it, it is a classic worth reading.
it deals with abuse and the importance of rediscovering one's authentic self 
in order to break the cycle of abuse.

i'm glad to be reading this again...
i'm getting so much more from it now, as a mother, 
than i did as a student.


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  1. Love the colors- that violet is my favorite- and I think will be so much more fun to do dishes with!

  2. I was thinking of trying my hand at a little dishcloth in plaid. Nice small project to test it out on.

  3. Now there's a fun way to liven up doing the dishes...the dish clothes look great.

  4. LOVE THE dishcloths. i've got some homespun cotton which i grew last year sitting here waiting patiently to become dishcloths :)

  5. nothing better than a set of dishcloths (or facecloths...depending on which room they end up in!)

  6. They look great! For a minute I thought you were knitting a blanket! Love the colors :)

  7. What fun dishcloths, love the diagonal stripes! The green will be really fun too.

  8. Great dishcloths, a favorite mindless for me.

  9. pretty purple...only wash clean dishes with them!! nice work...


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!