Sunday, January 25, 2015

bonding over bubble tea

isn't it wonderful when everyone
 in the household agrees on something?
we may argue about which movie to watch,
or where to go for family brunch,
or what radio station to listen to in the car,
and on and on and on...

but there is one thing we all agree on
for us... it is bubble tea 
and how much we love it

if you haven't already tried this taiwanese delicacy, 
bubble tea is a naturally flavored iced tea fusion 
served with chewy tapioca pearls

here are some testimonials:
ian says, " i like how it taste like a smoothie but  
is a healthier version of it, i think it is lower in sugar..."
favourite flavour:  peacock feather -a mix of taro and coconut

my son says, " i love chewing on the tapioca bubbles,
when you drink it, it feels like heaven going down your throat !!!"
favourite flavour:   dairy queen -a mix of strawberry and vanilla bean

 his sister says, " it's yummy and not too cold so it doesn't give you brain freeze"
favourite flavour:  watermelon

i love it because i get to try three different flavours every time we go downtown to treat ourselves.
 they are so filling that one can never finish a full serving.

when i'm on my own...
 i usually pick holy guacamole - a mix of avocado and red bean

most of all, i love the fact that as we sip and slurp and chew tapioca, 
everyone opens up a little more...
my son usually starts telling his jokes, 
my daughter gives us updates on who is dating who in the teen world, 
and ian and i come up with anecdotes of our own teen years with hopes of relating to our children.

our favourite spot is still panacea on fisgard st...
a little cafe deep in the heart of  in victoria's chinatown.

 so bring on the bubbles...
and let the bonding begin.



  1. I have never had bubble tea and now have to try it one day. I do not think it's here in this tiny town but when I'm in the big city I'll seek it out. love the series of photos :)

    1. Karen, make sure you find a bubble tea place that uses fresh fruits. They are so refreshing... and know that you could opt out of the tapioca balls if you're not fond of their texture.

  2. I have never heard of bubble tea, but will have to find some soon and try it out. What I love most about this is the four of your sitting around talking and sharing. It reminds me of some time I spent living with a family in the US twelve years ago, every Sunday afternoon they would take their two teenage children out to Starbucks and sit around talking, sharing and just enjoying time together. While I lived with them I was invited to these lovely afternoons and it is one of the things I look back on with fond memories of that time, and definitely something I will be doing with my little man when the time comes. A simple pleasure enjoyed by the whole family.

    1. there are so many bubble tea places in toronto - the trick is finding one that serves with fresh whole fruit ingredients. and yes, we have mastered the art of 'hanging together' on sundays. Sometimes, it's the local starbucks, other times one of our favourite brunch places - but we've all come to look forward to this time together. It's definitely a good way of getting our teens chatting and sharing their ideas with us.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!