Thursday, January 22, 2015

under the duvet

 camilla posed a question, 
"where is your favourite spot in this big wide world?"

for a chance to win some of her beautiful yarn,
i responded:  "under the duvet"

though i've been fortunate enough to have seen many beautiful parts of this world,

i can't think of a place i love more than being home,
snug, warm and comfortable, with a good book, or my knitting needles, 
under the the duvet.
so..... (wait for the segue)

last week,

i found two mismatched flat sheets,
a worn rectangular table cloth (with some easily mendable tears)
and a piece of silk in the dollar fabric bin at the thrift shop.

i don't know about everyone else... but to me,

they were actually a perfect match.
all four pieces had this gorgeous wine colour.

immediately after arriving home

they were thrown into the wash,
and as soon as they were dry...
i pieced them together to make a duvet cover and some pillow cases.
step 1:  centre and pin and sew the table cloth on one of the flat sheets
step 2:  with both their top sides facing, sew three sides of the two flat sheets together 
step 3:  turn inside out and insert duvet into cover
step 4:  enjoy
this was such a fast, fun, and easy project...
special thanks to my sister for handing-me-down her singer.
it runs great...



  1. Love it! You always seem to come home with the best finds :)

  2. you are quite clever and I would have never thought of that, I agree with Kim you have the BEST finds!

    1. i think my luck is because that we have a gem of a thrift shop...either that or those who donate to this shop knows just my style ?!?


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!