Monday, January 5, 2015

white table cloth challenge

like a few people i know
i've set a couple of challenges for myself and my family for 2015
and last night... was the kick off for my white table cloth challenge.

for 52 sundays... 
i want to lay a white tablecloth, 
set a beautiful table,
and prepare a simple meal
 to share and enjoy.

but the challenge is... 
to encourage all four of us to contribute to the process of this creation.

despite our hectic schedules, 
we are fortunate that we are still able to share several meals together.

 with the white table cloth,
i'm hoping to take it up a notch ...
and make our sunday meals an extra special celebration of life as a family. 

last night's menu was simple:
steak (barbequed by ian)
potatoes (peeled and mashed by cole)
salad (rinced and tossed my me)
candles and table (lit and set by libby)
leftovers (demolished within seconds by harlow)



  1. Sounds just perfect! Enjoy! xo

  2. We always have candles on the table now. My daughter just feels like our meals are the most special times of the day because of them. Good for you for making the everyday extraordinary!

    Got you comment on my post about dishcloth patterns. Email me so I can have your email, I'll send you some of the fun patterns I found this year!

  3. that is a beautiful goal. We were lucky to have most meals together as a family even with sports and concerts. I think you are starting the new year off wonderfully :)


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!