Wednesday, January 14, 2015

thrifted threads: beaded treasure

 it's another 'what i wore' wednesday
and i'm linking up with lindsey 
at the pleated poppy for some fashion fun.

i had to meet up with some fellow steppers
for coffee after the gym yesterday...
and i needed something easy to put on and throw in my backpack
since there wasn't any time to pop back home beforehand.
so this was my outfit: 
a crumpled (because it was shoved into a gym bag) long sleeve tshirt ;
 yoga pants (because i was cycling there and back);
and a thrifted rainbow beaded necklace i found over a year ago.
 let's just say... the necklace made the outfit.
it is a really lovely piece
that could be worn with so many colours.
when you study it closely... it looks hand crafted.
i love the gold chain and the weighted gold beads at the end of each strand.
 we had a wonderful time over coffee...
i've been stepping with some of these women for over 10 years now
and it is always such a treat to meet up and see how we look 
after a shower and out of our gym attire.

after the holidays, everyone seemed to have
 a chocolate confession to share.
(i think that you've already heard mine...)

happy humpday everyone !!!


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