Monday, January 12, 2015

hello monday 01/12/15

hello friends...
i hope monday finds you 
well rested and rejuvenated from the weekend.

we had a lovely, quiet, snugly kind of weekend...
lots of exercise... early during the day 
then immediately back into pjs as soon as we got home.

our teens hosted a little party on friday night
that ian and i are still recuperating from (talk about getting old...)
for two glorious days, 
i did a lot of reading and knitting and baking and more of the same.

but wow... monday, you are here already
so here are some hellos to greet the new week.
hello morning coffee... i love love love waking up to you

hello grocery list ... i must get more honey and cinnamon 
for this honey and cinnamon kick i'm in.

hello 5 minute ab workout (i sure hope this belly buster works...)

hello sewing machine (my sister gave me her spare 
and i am so excited to relearn how to use one)

hello learning and growing and trying new ideas.

hello monday and brand new beautiful week.


joining lisa and karen


  1. my party days are over as well, getting older and I love the quiet at the end of the day! Sounds like your weekend was fun and filled with goodness :)

    1. yes, i too am at the point where i will party vicariously through my children.

  2. Sewing machine...can't wait to see what you get up to on that. I am not looking forward to my little man's teenage years, I will be so very old, and I am sure the little gatherings of teens in our home will take many days to recover from :)

    1. ahh... but the recovery process is so delicious !!!

  3. Hello Erica!
    Here's to learning and growing and trying new things!
    Thank you for your inspiring post this morn.

    1. you are welcome, Camille... just know that it was given sincerely.


thank you for your kind words... they really do make my day !!!